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I never see the police. We did have a teenager that was a trouble maker and the police would come in the neighborhood to check on him years ago. I haven't seen him around and we rarely ever get cops in the neighborhood.
Everyone is great here, super friendly and out going people. I grew up here with lots of friends never having to worry about being in danger. Its a great place to live but there are better places to live. Its a small neighborhood so not a ton of people are around. I don't see this area changing much, its been the same since I was a little kids.
Properties tend to be in ok condition
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There are a lot of drug users living in my area
Just a lot of murders or dead bodies found lately. Especially missing people.
It's got too many beautiful sceneries that I can't stay away. Some of the best hiking spots can be found here as well.
Over the years has gotten worse but hoping to improve
I would not change where I live for anything.
There are never any issues in the area, everyone gets along and if there are issues the cops always come promptly.
I love this area of town because it is close to everything and is extremely safe and beautiful. The people are very nice and everyone is welcoming. The area is close to trailers and parks, I've lived in the diamond area since I moved to Alaska.
I love everything about my community
Its a quiet place and nothing bad happens.
In the state of Alaska the physical exercise level is low, from what I see is at an all time low here. The physical well being of individuals is not publically diplayed. Most of the locals have dental and health issues. Most of th elocal have the benifits from their native organization. I feel that the level of excerise at a nursing home is higher than the amount for the entire state of Alaska. People need to be educated on the importance of physical exercise.
The wildlife parks are very common in this area. They are readily available for not only the locals but tourist also. The quality of some of them are not the best and some of the animlas look fatigue. The oppurtunity to see animals in the wild also are very likely.
Over the last 4 months there have been more shootings and murders than al of 2014. This is very disturbing due to the reason I have a family. I wonder if my family is safe whgen they go to school, or work. I have not had an issue around my home, but there has been shootings with 5 miles of my home.
The most essential item in my wardrobe would have to be my winter jackets and heavy clothes. This is primarily due to the extreme cold winters and how it is snowing about 6-9 months out of the year.
Alot of the Food and Drink establishes are locally owned and very run down. They could use and upgrade not only in the apperance but the food and beverage selction.
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The job growth is on the rise and is looking even better in the Medical Field.
The quality of ther personnel are not exactly what I would expect. The mannerisms of the staff is way under par.