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When we moved in 10 years ago, people said this area was “up and coming” and soon to be gentrified. Today it is worse than ever with the exception of a handful of new or improved businesses on Frankford Ave. You will not feel safe here. There are renters everywhere that don’t maintain their properties. The only nightlife option is bars. Police are way too busy with major crimes to look into burglaries or vandalism. This is an ok place for broke people that need to commute downtown, but once you save up a bit you should flee to the ‘burbs if you want some peace and security.
What I like about the neighborhood is that many parks are close by. Also everyone is known in the neighborhood.
A great place to live! Tacony is an up and coming neighborhood with new business opportunities available.
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The best thing about Tacony is how close everything is. You really do not need to drive to get to where you are going. There is also lots of public transit.
There are many stores that are easily accessible in the neighborhood. There is currently construction happening to the library which sucks. The traffic is minimal. But the one thing is the wawa just closed down the street.
I find Tacony to be a well blended neighborhood. Most people get along well. Although the crime rate has increased in the past few years. I have noticed that the neighborhood is making a great effort to revitalized and restore it's previous charm.
Nothing bad happens here on a daily basis.
Like all neighborhoods, it has its trouble makers.
Depending on the block the housing can go from quaint to a little bit of an eye sore especially if the tenets don't up keep their properties.
The community doesnt get together but there are no major problems so i guess thats pretty good considering some of the other areas in the city.
The police in my area are great and respond fairly quick to calls.
It was a beautiful neighborhood but has gone downhill in the past 10 years. More houses being rented instead of bought and that makes things tougher. Renters don't care as much about their property as a homeowner.
There are never any major crimes committed in this area. The only crimes people deal with is stealing toys and bigger items like bikes off people's porches or from their backyards but that happens rarely. I feel very safe in my neighborhood and very comfortable in my surroundings. The police are not around often and when they are it is never for anything serious.
This area is in a good neighborhood with a great park right across the street for children to play in. There are also local parks near by and convenient stores in a good walking distance. The neighbors are all friendly and fun to be around.
Police cars is constantly riding around so it makes you feel pretty safe
The area is family friendly far as parks every where, lots of stores that is convenient and transportation.
There isn't noticeable crime but i still wouldn't be walking around at night. you should still be wary when walking around at night no matter where you go.
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the neighbors are generally good but there are occasional stinkers as well as less behaved children.
There are quite a few bars around my neighborhood. Many restaurants serve beer and other drinks, in total I believe there are about 5 bars at a short driving distance from my house.
Employments is easy to find in my area but it is not a stable job. My neighborhood often times hire teenagers for stocking up ilses or working at cash registers.