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Sylvan Hills is a great area South West of Atlanta. It is close to all highways and the beltline. It is also however full of crime and greatly overlooked by the local government. The roads are full of potholes and will damage your car. The houses are over priced because the beltline is being extended to the area.
some abandoned houses, a lot of abandoned apartments cost of housing is fair. utility rates are good
somewhat quiet, high crime rate. stray pets often wondering around.
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Cars are broken into, stolen, and damaged in this area. It hapened to me more than 15 times within a year. The area has security guards walking around but that doesnt help
Very convient transportation. Crime rates are not so good
mainly little kids in the neighborhood pranking and doing things that are not safe
This area is great if you commute walking distance from the marta station and minutes from downtown Atlanta
I really enjoy living in my complex. In one if the best places to live in my area.
People tend to stay in this area for long periods of time.
Although the complex that I live in is quiet the crime surrounding it is very bad. Last month a body was found in front of the complex and we have a lot of car breakins.
I'm ok with the area that I live in. If I could afford to stay in a safer area with better schools I would.
The local businesses are great for this area. The stores cater to the type of working class citizens in this area by offering a vast array of items at reasonable prices, therefore, you do not have to go out of the area for quality goods.
I don't really know much about how physically active and healthy people are in this neighborhood. However, the park, which is just a minute walking distance from my house, has outdoor exercise equipment. It is used so, there must be some decent level of physical activity for some people.