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I grew up in the city of Sylmar and so far I do not feel as if i have really been involved in my community. My neighborhood has changed a lot since I was little due to bigger families moving in to the houses around mine. As a whole I do not have anything against my neighborhood but I do wish i knew more people who were apart of it.
It’s full of local businesses competing with larger companies. Also, it’s really close to the mountains so the sight of them is amazing.
Sylmar is a nice quiet neighborhood. My one thing is that there isn't much action happening. If you want a mall or anything entertaining you would have to drive out more. If you are about the quiet, low profile, suburban life, Sylmar is great for you then. I personally need a scene to make the day going.
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Sylmar is a very suburbs part of Los Angeles. It is very close to many parks and hiking trails. It is serviced by a local train station, so accessible to downtown. There is also great Mexican food although night life is non existent
I like that it’s a friendly neighborhood. There’s not much crime that happens. The parks within the neighborhood are nice. A downside to Sylmar is the traffic. It’s sometimes hard to commute with so many people trying to get by.
I lived in Sylmar since I was a little kid and overall it's a very good neighborhood, everything you need is near by which is very convenient. There's a lot of parks, gyms, public schools, and stores. Just by driving around Sylmar you can automatically tell it's mainly a hispanic community. Although there's a bad reputation and stereotypes about the valley, I like the diversity and overall culture of Sylmar. As of now my whole life is here in Sylmar. What I would like to see change is cleaner roads and parks, nicer neighbors, and little to less homeless on streets.
Sylmar is a great neighborhood. There is a variety of reason but the main one being it doesn't see a lot of crime. With a sheriffs office located in the middle of Sylmar, it is hard to see why anyone would dare to commit a crime here.
I like that its not in the center of the city. It is outside of the big city, but close enough to drive to all the cool places. I also like that its near hikes and beaches. What I would like to be seen changed is adding more parking lots, because it is very difficult to find parking after 12pm.
I have lived in Sylmar all my life. I grew up attending the local high schools football games went to the local schools. It has a very high Latino population so there are a lot of Mexican restaurants and Latinx owned businesses. I love my little community and the people in it but it is not the safest neighborhood. I feel that it defiantly can be safer as well as cleaner. Also the public schools are not the best, the schools can improve and need more money.
Sylmar is a lovely city with many parks in the area. Sylmar is also home to Los Angeles Mission College. Lived here all of my life and would not want to move any time soon.
Sylmar has its bad parts, but it also has its quiet parts. There are many ranches in Sylmar, and new schools on the area. Many of the residents are home owners, not renters. In addition, Sylmar offers many great restaurants to eat at.
There is really nothing to do there. You have to drive 20 minutes in order to go to your local target. There are only grocery stores there.
Majority of the families living here know each other from when they first moved here. Majority of the people are really friendly and are aware of there community. The streets do get full around 8am and 7pm due to the colleges and schools around the neighborhood.
Its very commute and also a very welcoming place. Its is a latino community so it is very comforting. The food is also amazing and the panaderias.
I like that the residents of Sylmar are more or less friendly. Just walking down the street in the morning, you get to interact with many friendly faces. At night though, this is a totally different experience. Hardly anybody is out walking at night except for creeps or individuals who are homeless. There is a really big problem with homelessness.
I have grown up in Sylmar and have always loved it. Great family can find things to do if you go to the library and parks. I would like to see more college involvement events or activities.
I have lived in Sylmar for a most of my life and the overall experience was really good, I had moved to San Fernando which is nearby but I have always wanted to return to Sylmar not because it was super amazing to live there but because of the environment that I was in the feeling of waking up with a nice house and a lively park right down the block.
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i live and go to school here in sylmar and this area is densely populated with hispanic and latino peoples and i also have many family members who live here in the san fernando valley
Sylmar is a nice and calm place to live in. There are a lot of families living in this neighborhood. There isn't much traffic. The only thing is that the train passes by here, therefore you would hear the train occasionally.
I have lived in Sylmar since I was 10 years old. I like that it has parks with plenty of activities for students after school. I went to Olive Vista MS and had a great experience there and went on to graduate from Sylmar HS with high honors. Growing up everything was fairly close, but now that I am older, there is not much to do in Sylmar and have to get out of town for nightlife and other fun