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The area is blue collar, so, there's not a lot of high end homes and vehicles that need separation from the prevalence of crime.
The general atmosphere is blue collar, I would prefer to live near a beach. The area will remain behind the hi-tech areas of the country.
It could be a lot better.
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The area where I leave is okay. It's slowly improving.
They need to rebuild. Every house has plumbing problems
Sometimes I hear gun shots outside and wonder how close they are to home. The crime rate in very high in my city.
I stay in a nice neighborhood for the most part. I love that its mostly quiet and that all the neighbors get along as well.
The police are very responsive and are also very visible throughout the day
Overall I enjoy living in this area, it has gotten better for the good
It's nice we have a police officer in the neighborhood.
It's a lot more quiet than living on a main street. The people know each other and it's a very peaceful place to live.
It's a pretty decent place to live.
The crime and safety in my area are moderate.
It is probably the best area that I have moved to.
There is a lot of crime, but it is easy to avoid crime areas. Police are present, particularly with traffic violations. Police are in the community and appropriate in their relationship with people.
I'd choose to live here again, not because of the neighborhood, but the house. It has also helped me want to work to develop the city to be more pedestrian friendly and safe.
I have never seen the police in that area since I moved there.
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If I had the chance I would move in that area again. There has never been a incident since I lived there. I feel safe, and I enjoy watching the children on the block play together.
2 Vacant houses have been torn down recently
Vacant building at the bottom of the hill.