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I see growth in this area.
It is a quiet and nice area, and the neighbors are nice. The only downside of this particular area, is the decreasment of safety. Shots are heard almost 3 times a week along with suspicious activies.
A street away from my neighborhood has a reputation of mild crimes. These crimes are mostly exchangement of drugs ( specifically Cannabis). Other than that, these Crimea are immediately addressed by the police following a report of suspicion. Overall, I feel safe around my area.
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My neighborhood is a great. In comparison to my old house, the environment was filled with ruckus and sometimes gun shots. The area is quiet almost serene. My only criticism is that the main road consist of a strong "cannabis" smell that is prominent prior to entering my street. Overall, the area offers great convenience, and movement around shops and parks. We are not that far from the Arden Fair Mall as well as the wooded Howe park.
I would have preferred to live somewhere better where there's more things to do. But I could start all over I wouldn't, my family, friends and the love of my life is here. and I wouldn't change it one bit.
Whenever you have an emergency takes them less then 10mins to get there, I've never had a problem (knock on wood) but, when I see a problem or accident the police and ambulance are always there in no time.
There are all kinds of different fast food and restaurants close by, My favorite fast food is in-n-out which is down the street from where I live and my favorite restaurant is Islands not close by but its worth the drive.
I love my house been here 18 years and my parents have done hard work to make it look great. I really don't see any abandoned properties and the cost of housings are way better then the apartments.
I like the weather , It never upsets me here in Sacramento.
I've been looking for a job for about 5 months now, and they all want people with experience but how can you get experience if they never give you a chance.
The local businesses in this area are okay, they could be better and cleaner. With people who have more respect to the community.