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When it comes to crime, police are there when you need them.
Everyone is in a hurry and no-one looks where they are going.
These people stay to them selves. They are always aware of animals and kids. First, ones to gossip about you but look out for the animals and kids
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All around us are fast food, or cooked food that's been sitting over night.
there are no jobs around the neighborhood.
grocery store doesn't clean veggies like the big stores do. Corner store has teens hanging out, selling things, fighting when they should be at school learning/improving their knowledge. We have a church 3-4 houses over, people act like their better than us. My child almost got hit by a car because the man failed to slow down. A guy hit a child because the child never stopped to see if cars were coming.The man was going the speed limit The little boys babysitter, told him walk, and check for traffic. No tickets were given out.