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To say that no crime happens would obviously be a lie, crime happens everywhere. For the most part, when a crime occurs, the cops arrive at the scene as soon as possible. I do feel safe in my city but I guess not safe enough to be walking around by myself at night.
Well as of now, as most people know, California is in a drought and it seems that it is only becoming worse because it has not been raining. People do not realize how serious this drought really is, therefore they are not really taking the correct steps to helping out. Big earthquakes only happen like once every couple of years but even when they do they are not as bad as other places. I only gave it an "It''s bad" rating because of our horrible drought.
Santa Ana has more than enough delicious food choices! They just recently opened a new little market at Downtown Santa Ana with a bunch of different types of food. No matter what you are in the mood for, you are bound to find exactly what you want to eat. As for drinking, I am not old enough yet but I do often see happy hour specials at restaurants.
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Employment here is, for the most part, not too much of a problem. I am going to be a nurse so finding a job in my field would not be that difficult in most places. However, there are not many different types of jobs to choose from, either you work in retail, food or a factory if you're really desperate.
I feel like the Local Businesses in my area are pretty great. I live in Santa Ana, California. There are, of course, some stores and businesses that are better off than others but I have yet to see one that is completely unacceptable. Some of the places that I have noticed look the worst are the motels, I always see scary looking people hanging out around them.
Lately, there has been what is considered to be hot weather around here (which is around 75-98 degrees farenheit) but we do get some cold at times (usually from 60-74 degrees farenheit). We do not get many earthquakes, but when we do they are minor and as for droughts, there is the California drought right now.
From what I see, nightlife is great in Downtown Santa Ana and in the day, life is great nearby South Coast Plaza.
It is an amazing area to work in, but most people prefer experienced employees (which can make it hard for some, like me, to find a job).
I really believe there is a great selection as to where one can shop, especially considering the famous South Coast Plaza is right around the corner.