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The atmosphere of the area is great! The people are friendly once they warn up to you, and it is a quiet place to raise a family.
the weather in charlotte is ok. Most of the time its sunny out side but usually around the weekends it rains. so for the majority of the week I wear short sleeve shirts and shorts but when the gloomy weekend comes around I wear long sleeve shirts and jeans.
The Night life in charlotte is great there are many clubs for one to enjoy. I have personally never been to a club but the nights that I have went out the scenery was amazing and the restaurants were amazing. they have little sports bars conveniently located all round charlotte. If one came to charlotte and went to a sports bar I would highly recommend trying the hot wings because in charlotte sports bars have the best hot wings.
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The employment for charlotte NC is not as good as one might think. The employment around this area is based around college education. because the cost of living is slightly higher than if you were to reside in another state it makes it hard for you to find a job that will help you to survive. The jobs around here that will help you to survive are all jobs that require some sort of college degree. Around charlotte you will find a lot of business men and women.
The YMCA Is less than 5 minutes, golf corse less than 10 minutes.
Kids hang out on corner. Not their own house.
I am a student . We live in the county some services my parent pays for.
My personal community people got in houses they could not afford. Many fore closures. People are moving back now.
I eat out with my parent she's a foodie we fun fun places.