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I feel safe in Santa Monica. There is an obvious police presence and even though there is crime, I don't feel it's an inordinate amount for the population.
I love Santa Monica. The traffic is terrible now but that's pretty much my only complaint.
I have not experienced any crime in the area.
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I live in an area where there are so many acceptable lifestyles. One can make any safe choice they want to, and not be judged by the community. It is also a great location for someone young like me, because I can travel to LA, West Hollywood, and other fun locations.
People are friendly, neighborhood is pretty.
The police and fire stations are close to my house, and the reaction time is very quick.
it could be better, there's room for improvement
The temperature here likes to make camp in the low seventies and stay there for most of the year. Sunny and beautiful, especially after light rain, which is rare but always light. We got ten minutes of hail this year! What a treat!
The minimum wage here is high, but so is the cost of living. It takes some doing to get a job.
I can't rate the drinking because I'm not of age yet, but the restaurants in Santa Monica have delicious food, like the Chipotle wrap at The Lazy Daisy.
The businesses in Santa Monica are great. They remind me of all the businesses in other places.
I was able to get jobs pretty easily.