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honestly, I do not see nor hear crime going on around here.
People around here are friendly and we all do our part to make sure we watch if there is crime do-ing in the area. I love this neighborhood. I see more community events for this area soon.
cops have been taking care of business.
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When people hear where I'm from, they quickly associate it with crime, but living there for over 19 years I can say that I've never witnessed or experiences any safety and crime issues. There's crime everywhere and I would not say that the area I live in is a magnet for crime and safety issues.
It's an okay place to grow up in. The elementary, middle, and high school I attended are both with three blocks of where I live. Grocery stores and parks are close by, as well as night life area and shopping centers with lots of restaurants. There may not be much to do in regards to activities but as a kid, the are provides everything necessary.
The community is very nice and friendly and there are plenty of things to get involved in. There's plenty to explore.
The area is relatively safe besides a bit of stealing from cars.
I would love to raise my own family here.
There are too many potholes in the street. Streets nearby schools like mine should have street humps to slow crazy drivers. This is a major concern especially during school hours and before and after school because of all the students crossing the streets.
There is almost no sense of community in my area. Most of us keep to ourselves. There are no community events. There are few new members of the neighborhood. Most residents have lived here for many years. There are way too many stray cats in this neighborhood. They keep having kittens by the dozen. Many pet owners do not treat their pets for fleas. There has alwayss been a flea problem for as long as I can remember.
Parks are almost everywhere. There is always a park to go to.
Some homes are taken care of whereas other homes that are neglected and put to the side. Most of the homes, however, either have a nice garden or the lawns are cut to good shape.
Neighbors are always keeping an eye out. As for police response I believe that it depends on the emergency. If someone was robbing my house and as soon as I walk through the door I dial 911 then police will prioritize my situation since I am in danger. If I just got home and my has been robbed then police do not have a threat to fight.
We keep an eye on each other's properties when the other is not home and when cooking out or celebrating we always invite other neighbors to our home. When I get out from work at 10:30 at night and my parents are unable to pick me up, we know that we can count on our neighbors to stop me from walking home alone in the dark with strangers.
I love the heat and in Texas that's pretty much all I have. on occasions, maybe once or twice a year, there is ice and a winter storm but other than that no complaints. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires happen on occasions. If on of these ever do happen it would have been one in a millionth chance to either reach Dallas or to have caused enough damage to take someone's life. During the spring and summer days are beautiful. Sunny with a cloud or two, perfect for a day at the lake.
You get payed for what you know. I am currently a cashier and I have also worked in the fast food business. Working without a college degree limited my options to where I worked since I could only acquire a low-skilled job. As cashier I don't do much. I don't need to create a floor planning or worry about inventory or next week's stock. I simply scan, clean, and count. Pretty simple but very boring. If I did have a college degree I believe there is great opportunity especially if opening a business such a restaurant or dine-in. New restaurants also create more jobs such as chefs, waitresses, hostesses, and valets. I think it's a matter of where you search and how much you know.
I would prefer to shop at a local business rather than a large company because I can have a one-on-one experience rather than a one-on-one-hundred experience. I am more valued as a customer at a local business since I am not just like any other customer who walks in through the door trying to get away from the heat outside. A local business has much more to lose if they lost me as a customer whereas a large company would not lose anything at all since it is much easier to replace me as a customer.
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I'm not all that informed on the people that live around us so I can't give a good enough opinion.
I love the are! Its beautiful, eco friendly, the neighbors are usually nice, and it's a calm yet fun place to live. There are many things to enjoy here.
They drive pretty crazy out near downtown or on the main roads but on street roads its pretty safe.