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The crime in the area isn't not visible to me at least. The area is manageable and you can go out and walk if you can but you need to be alert of your surroundings. Sometimes the police and here and go inside houses but from time to time it happens. At night there are a lot of people who have parties and some of them have fights it can sometimes go out of control. Overall the crime in the area is not that bad but on occasion something comes up.
The general atmosphere is bad because many neighbors are not considerate of others they have parties late at night and are very loud. The neighbors in the apartment I live in are very loud and argue a lot. Everyone near me smokes and it gets into my apartment so I have to close the windows when it's 90 degrees inside! Overall I see no hope in this area in the future and I would never live here again if I had to choose.
Its a quite area but there is a hospital close by.
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There are certain things that could be improved and fixed.
I have been a resident of California since I was born in 1995. I have seen a lot of things happen such as gun shooting, intoxication, human abuse, and house envictions. Ever since the media talking about Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, it feels like the kill rate has been going up. People I have grew up with turned into bad news such as gangs, and convictions. Jobs nowadays don't come easy for us African Americans. then there are people like me who are doing their best to stand out and going to college to be an educated black man in the United States. I feel that there needs to be more reflections of me. I am a visual learner, meaning I learn from seeing things and that has helped me grow as a man; my eyes are always open. I would not recommend any one to move to the central part of Long Beach; with that being said I would not choose to live here.
There has been someone who broke into our home. There are a lot of homeless. Police are constantly patrolling.
Need better public transportation. A library nearby would be nice.
Many stores are closing, and since most restaurants look like they are owned by someone, not corporate, they are not hiring.
It is mostly sunny, although there is some flooding when it rains. The mornings can be a hassle due to overcast, and fog.
The food is not very expensive. The quality of the food can be very good depending on where you go. The nightlife is pretty good 20 min away, in dt long beach.
Some of the businesses are closing down, the service is not always great. The quality of product varies.
im not that much of an outdoor person, but when I do go outside its okay
there is always that one spot people like to go to after school
weather cant get any better
cars, buses, trains , you name it they are easy
it is not extraordinary, but its not poor eithier
everything is really not that bad
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like my mom says you will know at the end who is really your friend and who isn't your friend
I mean I see a lot of teens starting to work like it was easy
i love the warm weather , not to hot or cold .