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Sunrise Intracoastal Reviews

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It is a very diverse city, there is something for everyone. Many restaurants, shopping center, beautiful malls, nice beach, many parks.
When my dad retired from the military we kind of had it really rough. We were homeless until we moved in with my dad’s mom. In the beginning it was fine. Everything was cool and dandy, but then an altercation involving my abuela and my sister happened. The police ended up being called and were involved, my grandma ended up going to an institution to be evaluated. While she was gone my dad packed up all of our belongings and we then moved to Miami Gardens with my great aunt. After we were there for a couple months my mom finally found a house in the city of Sunrise in a neighborhood called Plantation Acres. My dad and I woke up every morning at civilian terms four o'clock a.m., drove to the house built shelves, cleaned it up, etc. Basically made sure it would pass for inspection so that we would be able to move in. And eventually the day came when we passed or it passed inspection and we finally had a house. We weren't homeless anymore and have lived in it since.
The amount of people and level of diversity. I would change the amount of science based jobs available in the area.
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Sunrise is a nice and quiet community in Fort Lauderdale. It is kid friendly with a lot of schools and recreational parks. There is also a community pool and also various churches. The population of kids is very high it is a very family orientated community. The neighbors are very interactive and welcoming.
I have lived in sunrise my whole life and have always felt comfortable living here. However my house has been broken into twice in the past 5 years. Regardless of this it is a pretty safe community.