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I believe we need more natural resource surrounding our area. There is a progression of retail, food, and transportation evolving however, there should be incorporation of nature such as greenery.
It's quiet, not a lot of excitement. People are friendly.
No major complaints it's okay.
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Tucson, AZ is not the worst place to live in but I really don't want to stay here for the rest of my life. I want to see something different, not just desert and saguaros. The community isn't bad, but like everwhere, you have your bad and good areas.
The neighbors aren't really friendly but I love this area because it is close to a lot of parks, stores, libraries and it is easy to get around.
I strongly believe where I live is nothing more than a barren wasteland. There hardly is anything to do anymore. Everything that could be considered "decent" has been done. Everything great has been used up. So, I don't find it particularly enjoyable to be living in a totally exhausted area where there is nothing to look forward to or nothing to look up to.
I feel that the use of tax payers money is not taken serious and is used in ways that do not benefit the entire public.
Most of the businesses are locally owned.
The weather is usually extremely hot in the summers and somewhat cold in the winters, there is also a monsoon season which lasts about a month.
There aren't many job opportunities, and the jobs that are open are jobs like in the fast food industry, or the landscaping occupation.
The housing is this area seems to be cheaply constructed or because of the people inhabiting the houses they do not take care proper care of them.
The majority of the food in this area is fast food with very few restaurants and the majority of these restaurants are Mexican Restaurants.
they work and provide service much like any other service lcoation in the city
it all depends on how hard you work towards obtaining a job. you cant simply expect a job to be handed to you.
The weather is amazing! Especially during the monsoon season, it really makes the place look even more beautiful.
There are many different restaurants to choose from in this area. So many different cuisines to choose from!
The public services are better than most would think. It's not hard to find quality assistance
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The local gyms are very useful and in quality condition. Most people I know are very fit and healthy.
It's quite comfortable and welcoming in this area.
This area has it's ups and downs when it comes to safety; however, for the most part things are not so bad. There might be some graffiti here and there but mostly the people behind them keep to themselves.