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This neighborhood is excellent as it always have activity going on and has a good amount of bars and restaurants but is not too crowded and does not get noisy. Ethnically diverse neighborhood with a lot of community activities.
It's changing so much! At least 25+ new shops in the past 3 years and still growing! People of so many different cultures and ways of life. It's beautiful.
Sunnyside while a small town, has a lot to offer. Almost less than 10 minutes away from both the city and from Flushing, NY. With several convenience stores, parks, places of worship, restaurants, and public schools it exceeds the qualities of a perfect place to live.
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This neighborhood is very family oriented. Everyone knows each other and are very helpful. Always willing to help out and bring what the people want to this area.
It's a family friendly, up and coming city in Queens. 15 minutes to the city via the 7 line. Plenty of restaurants, cafe's and local pubs.
It is a good, friendly, safe and convenient neighborhood. Very close to Manhattan. The rent here is extremely high.
Sunnyside is a beautiful, quaint neighborhood just outside the city. Its an easy commute into Manhattan on the 7 train. The town itself is pretty amazing. YOu have everything you need in it; from restaurants, bars, bodegas, supermarkets, dog parks, regular parks, and even farmers Markets that come every Saturday morning. As if that wasn't enough the people in Sunnyside are so friendly and everyone always says hi. I real family feeling to the town.
Sunnyside is a very diversified neighborhood. The train connection to the city is very easy and there are a lot of good eating places around here.
This may just be the most diverse neighborhood on planet Earth! It;s unreal! Go read the wikipedia demographics if you dont believe me. If MLK was alive, he would have a home here. Small local shops, friendly neighbors, mostly 1st gen or 2nd gen immigrants.FOODIE PARADISE!!! Snacks from countries you never knew were imported here. Name a country and you will find ingredients to cook their food or a restaurant to order it. Budget conscious area!

Even at late hours it is safe, and even the young dealers are respectful and dont catcall or bother you at all. Great community vibe. Commute is literally 15 mins to Grand Central. You would have to live an hour or more from midtown to live in a place with rent as affordable as Sunnyside! You can rent a studio for the price of a ROOM in Manhattan and BK.
Sunnyside feels safe. Many resources and stores nearby like supplies and supermarkets. There are many parks one can go to after school to hang out. There is also the subway , which makes it easy to commute to the city and school.
Living here for two years now, I love the diversity of people and the friendliness of most locals. There are local libraries, super markets, churches and other facilities that make the neighborhood have a kind, family feel. The 7 train is conveniently located close to my apartment which makes commuting to different areas of NYC very accessible.
I love this neighborhood. It has its great commercial side which even offer 24 hour commodity but also a quite woods-y like residential area.
one thing I really liked about sunnyside is that everyone in the community takes part in activities to know each other and have fun. I would like sunnyside to have a coffee store near the Lou Lodati Playground.
I was born in raised in this great neighborhood, located in Queens, New York. For over 25 years I have been able to learn many cultural varieties due to the large cultural diversity. Many small businesses within the neighborhood also show support for the community which I truly adore. The neighborhood has also been recently undergoing gentrification, where may affect some positively and others negatively. In my opinion, It has been a great change to the community for the betterment of the economic and social aspects of the community. I would like to see Sunnyside continually improve on decreasing crime rate, create more charitable events, and also provide volunteer work for people like me who intend on giving back to the community.
I have been living here for few years now. It is a very good neighborhood, I have always experienced good times over here.
This neighborhood is an up and coming community in Queens, NYC. It's conveniently located by the 7 train which takes you anywhere from Manhattan to Flushing, and with a few transfers you can be in Brooklyn. The Sunnyside environment really lives up to its name. It's a "sunny" place where you can find tons of great places to eat, a fun playground, a welcoming library, and just a kind and diverse community.
Beautiful Area, Close to transportation, safe at night, wonderful food and pubs, a great area for running and many parks for children.
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Sunnyside is a clean and safe neighborhood to live in. There are several parks whee children can play safely and gyms where adults can work out. Schools in this neighborhood are diverse but not all of them are on par in terms of academics. There is a large variety of restaurants in the neighborhood from fast food to multicultural restaurants. Several stores like Rite Aid, CVS, and department stores.
Sunnyside is affordable, diverse, colorful, and lively. Lots of places to get lots of different types of food. Close to Manhattan but quiet and residential.
Great wide range of diversity. Rise in culture, many new restaurants opening up. Family friendly entertainment under the train station, and annual food tasting event occurs.