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Sunnyside is a poor neighborhood on the come up with many new houses built and in the building process. Sunnyside is full of youth looking for a way to come up and do better for not only them for their family, too.
Not your typical ghetto. Not always having shootouts every where, although some fool will try to shoot something for no reason.
My neighborhood is not really neighborly, there's gun shots here and there, an obvious statement saying "poor" in all capital letters, and tons of fast food restaurants because parents are usually working long and tiring shifts and aren't able to cook for their kids. However, I love it here, it's what I'm used to and I have no complaints. I'm very grateful that my parents basically kill themselves to be able to provide a roof for us to live in and I am so determined to be able to make more than enough to care for them when I'm older.
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I would like to see a major grocery food like HEB with a Rediclinic. This is one of the grocery stores I travel to 15 miles out of my way.
I have only been living here a while, post hurricane Harvey. It is not the safest area to live however if you keep to yourself no one will really bother you.
I haven’t had a bad experience thus far, comparing to what I hear about the area. But I would love for the neighborhoods to become more cleaner and also to see the neighborhood grow into a beautiful community.
People say this is the worst city in the state of Texas because of its crime rate, but the 3 years I have lived here it hasn't been too much crime.
I like that there is very little traffic once you get to that area and how close it is to Pearland, but the area is very loud and dangerous sometimes. I stay in the front so i don't necessarily have to deal with the danger, but there are always people on their motorcycles disrupting my sleep when they pass my window. The people that stay in my apartments are very nice and sweet, but if you take a walk down to Sunnyside Park there are always guys trying yo hit on you and thugs smoking around the pool. The amount of trash laying around is disgusting, I suggest that the city get the sewers filed since people are acting like that is their personal trash.
This area is really great and quiet.
Break ins are frequent in this area, police are visible but seem to always respond slowly to anything that happens in the neighborhood.
This area is okay to live, the schools are bad but its mainly the students because of the rough area that they live in. The climate is mainly hot and break ins are frequent but it is getting better.
I live in a old neighborhood it was first established in the 60 it has become a pillar of the Sunny Side. We have a civic club that's been around forever and we do get new neighbors ,we have 6 churches in and around the neighborhood.
There are more people getting killed today and mostly our children. Crime is high amongst teenagers because of gang rivals and hatred towards each other. My concern is for my nephew. I don't want him to grow up and be with children like that and get hurt or worse. I believe that parents should discipline their child because of things like this at a young age before it escalate.
I honestly like the area we're in but I wish that our education system was better to where it would want kids to stay in school until they graduate. I wish the crime and drug distributing would decrease so that we could live longer but other than that I like it.
If the police are not their, the neighborhood watch is pretty good at communicating with the community about current neighborhood decisions and safety.
I probably wouldn't choose to live here again because it's secluded from outside environments.
Clean the neighbor hood remove cars that do not work fix houses and demolish the ones that are abandoned and need extensive repair.
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More homeless people on the corners begging for change. A robber shot a store owner the other night while closing up the store. Mostly be cautious when roaming these neighborhoods alone.
Employees around here do no look very professional. Always talking on the phone with someone while working.
The lack of the community to keep things as they are is a disadvantage in this community which makes the stores look awful to shop in.