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I love Sunnyside! Great neighborhood feel - a place where people walk and work in their yards and say hi to each other. The neighborhood organization is very social and creates a bunch of ways for neighbors to connect.
I was just visiting but liked the neighborhood. I have a friend who lives there. The neighborhood was an older neighborhood, somewhere I think I would be comfortable living.
This neighborhood is so great! Everyone is warm and welcoming. Kids play outside in the evenings, they have a block party in the summer and they do fun events throughout the year!
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Denver native who grew up in Sunnyside as did my father. Great neighborhood with close access to I-70 for easy commute. Excellent selection of new restaurants. Traffic may become a concern as more apartment complexes are sprouting up all around.
The sunny side neighborhood is a quiet and relaxing place to live and raise children in. More community involvement with keeping our area cleaner.
Low crime rate with a police station down the street.
This area is really great. It's quite yet close to the downtown area. It has a lot of accessibility to public transportation and a variety of restaurants at varying prices.
The cops do a good job of keeping us safe. Though I am Hispanic and police depsartments in the suburbs definately target minorities.
I love Denver. It's a great city. Not too big. Not too small. The economy is so strong that new business and restaurants are always opneing up everywhere. Weed is legal and very cheap.
Housing can be expensive in this community. It's an up and coming area close to downtown and major streets and highways. Many people are moving here.
The community is getting better and is growing and thriving. Many new homes and restaurants are being built and the community is overall safe and most are friendly and active.
Still have some crime in the area but the neighborhood is getting better and growing. Police response time is quick. I feel safe walking with my children around the area.
I live in a very "up and coming" area. Many new businesses are opening, people that currently live in the area are making major home remodels and it's a nice neighborhood. Growing and thriving.
We like the lake so close to walk around. I love regis campus. I don't feel my kids are safe to be free to play outside. The schools in this area are awful so we drove 20 minutes to school.
There is a great community feeling in my neighborhood. However, rent and home values are skyrocketing so unfortunately we will not be able to afford to live here fairly soon.
Stores maintain clean, but the staff is not so friendly with the customers.
I really do not feel like there are a lot of job opportunities in this area.
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The only downside would be the lack of big stores such as Michael's and other craft stores.