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Sunnydale is a dangerous neighborhood to live in. Although there are friendly residents, the existence of gangs, drug and alcohol users is inevitable. The tensions between cohorts sets the community's safety at risk. Outside of my window, someone was murdered. In my front door steps, there are always glass from broken bottles, cigarettes and trash. This is of concern to me because I have 3 elementary age little brothers who have to face this. I hope the city can work more closely with this neighborhood to improve its safety.
It's a couple blocks away from an area known to be a little dangerous but the area in the other direction is completely fine and relatively quiet (there is a children's playground and soccer field). As far as I know, there aren't many vacant houses at the moment but the city is getting more expensive to be in so it wouldn't be a surprise to me if I started seeing more vacant properties. The area I live in is more on the border of the city so it's not as expensive but it's also not very close to any shops or restaurants (takes about a 10-15 minute bus ride so it's not that bad).
The city is pretty diverse even if some neighborhoods have more of a certain kind of people than others. Overall, there are so many different kinds of people you can meet in addition to being able to try foods and activities from around the world.
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People in this community are generally friendly and open to different ideas. There are always people that will be judgmental about something but it's easy to find twice as many people that welcome it and/or are curious about it.
It's close to a "bad" neighborhood but this neighborhood seems fine.
Living in this area I am blessed to be surrounded by so many different cultures and growing up in a place that is so strange and diverse, to be able to see the different neighborhoods and be faced with affluent and working class communities. It is interesting to see the different religious groups, the private and public schools, small mom and pop grocery stores compared to retail stores and seeing the different grassroots organizations and non profit organizations made available to the youth. This place is fruitful for someone who wants to understand how communities of color thrive in America. It is also a place to see the segregation that still takes place on a subtle level. San Francisco is where I call my home, but know that my mother land is not here,yet no where else can ever suffice.