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It is a small little town near Pasadena in Los Angeles County. I grew up here, went to school our of the area, it was far away from all of my friends, but it is affordable for my family, and all things considered, it is close to everything.
This neighborhood is an awesome neighborhood. Now they are slowly starting to build new places like new restaurants and improving streets way better than before!
I love this town but it is not without its challenges. The schools are not great but the rent/mortgages are still high. A lot of people know each other and it is fun to go to the local coffee spots and see friends. There have been too many high speed accidents along the boulevard lately. It feels like home and is not super dangerous but there has been theft and there are quite a few "street dwellers" who abuse drugs and can become violent. Most of the time they mind their own, but it can be scary when drugs are involved.
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The town of Sunland is small and quaint. Not many even know of it it is not a major town or city but it is certainly a good place for families to live.
Sunland is a nice community. Many of its residents have lived here their whole lives. It is like a small town near Los Angeles.
My experiences in Sunland was not bad because I moved here from Hollywood which it was more noise there than here which I noticed easily. It was a very quiet and friendly neighborhood that were very welcoming. There is a foothill area that is high up and walking or driving up is sometimes annoys me but I deal with it. This area is not very popular or known because it's behind the mountains and is hard to try and find Sunland. I would to see change here is how many businesses are out of business make it more appealing for people visiting this place away from the city.
Having just moved here about a year ago, I have learned to explore Sunland and it's surrounding adventures! It's a "small town" feel. There are a lot of people stuck in their old ways so that is a bit challenging for new businesses to come in and flourish.
Great place for young families that like quite suburban neighborhoods, houses are still a bit affordable although going up quickly. City close to all major areas such as Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, Hollywood, etc. about a 30 minute drive.