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The crime is low. I live in the Sunflower area and no break in around me. My car has been door dinged or keyed but nothing too serious.
Wichita is alright compared to other places. Quiet, but the neighbors will befriend you. The bad and good areas are defined they vary block to block.
I have never had an experience with crime but I have heard of cars getting stolen or broken into. There's always something on the news, but the crime usually stays in certain areas of the city.
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Usually the weather is pretty nice. It is very windy here and my neighborhood floods very bad even though there are huge storm drains just down the street. Every spring there is a lot of hail, and thunderstorms. The hail usually is pretty large causing a lot of damage. Also in the spring and summer there are quite a few tornadoes, and I don't have a basement so it's usually hard to find coverage until the storm passes.
The closest bars and nightlife is also a couple of miles a way, there's nothing really in the area. Also there aren't any clubs or places for dancing anywhere near where I live.
The only possible places for jobs in the area are fast food restaurants, or the other few jobs require a lot of experience in the field they hiring. So for a college student like myself it is hard to find a summer job, so I do wish there were more opportunities for me.
There are a lot of fast food restaurants near my house, which are usually kept up pretty well. However there are not very many choices of nicer restaurants in the area, if any at all. Also the grocery stores are couple miles from my area so it can be a hassle to even get to the grocery store. The grocery stores that are close to my neighborhood aren't big ones so they usually don't have everything we usually need.