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I love the Sundance Lake neighborhood. It is very quiet and safe. I have never had any complaints. Parents and children pass by walking or biking in the afternoons. Neighbors are very kind, friendly and approachable. The neighborhood is also very close to schools, stores, parks, and even a hotel.
Crime is rather low in this area which is very good.
This area has a lot of potential for growth in all areas. Such as industrial, food, family outdoor activities, and adult recreational activities as well.
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Nice but worrysome i live in a flood zone.
lots of choices. not open past 10 or midnight, no specials etc.
customer service, consideration and communication sucks. stuck up and fake.
How the weather impacts my life is that it's too hot and doesn't rain as much as it should, I have to worry about Sun damage and protection and can Not dressed up as much because of the hot weather. My area was built in the flood zone so if there is too much rain I would have to evacuate.
The quality of public transportation is medium. In my area they keep the bus route off the main line noticeably to demote wandering pedestrians, you either need a bike or a car to get out of the neighborhood.
What the people are like is mean rude selfish stuck up entitled and egotistical.
I would choose to live here again because it is actually one of the best neighborhoods in sacramameto.
Proximity and reaction time for police and firefighters is quick as I would think or expect.
How I stay physically active when I could afford to go to the gym and have child care I worked out regulated was happier and felt better. Now that I can't afford the gym I run in my beautiful neighborhood, I have fell and hurt myself and can't run any more so now I just do cardio mostly in the house.
Community events/ engagements are scarce and sparse.
Mom and pop shops versus big companies, the only mom and pop stores are own by a few immigrants, and doesn't it have the personal love and care. They have outdated over priced products, dirty dusty shelves bad English and even worse care and customer service making big companies the only way to go.
The quality of housing is based price and credit. So only people who have help, a good support system and an upper hand can afford regular level prices. If you are other wise good but lets say a single mother and independent student and fall into low income housing it may look acceptable but the personal treatment and quality of living amenities are discriminating you call feel the socialism.
Visibility of police is good not too much or too little. The police are nice and considerate and never bother any one unless their wearing suspicious clothes or acting suspiciously in uncommon areas and uncommon times.
The overall job out look is scarce to bad. There is no job opportunities even fast food are full. When there is a job availability you can see 20 to 50 people coming, calling and competing for the position.
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What attracts people to this area is the nice looking neighborhoods and less violent crime.