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In the neighborhood where I live, the people appear to have a strong sense of community in that they care about the upkeep of their homes and lawns and how to raise their children in a responsible manner. Even though there are many pets in my neighborhood, they are always kept on leashes when taken for a walk and are contained within their yards at all times.
In the neighborhood where I live, the crime rate appears to be very low. Since I have moved here, I have only been aware of one home robbery, but the police were quick to respond and eventually even found the suspects who broke in and were then able to retrieve the stolen property. Ever since I have been a homeowner and now a renter, I am still cautious about always making sure that all of my doors are securely locked each evening. This really has nothing to do with the area where I live - this has just been one of my routine habits ever since I can remember!!!
The area and neighborhood where I live is residential with families and retirees. The children of these families are well-behaved and, even when they are playing outside, it is the play of children having a good time and getting exercise. This neighborhood appears to be very well established and, even though I have lived here for less than two years, it seems as if these residents have been here for a while and are settled and happy in their homes. I am glad that I found this area to move to; however, if I had a choice to make, I would gladly move back to Boston where I am originally from - it is my hometown where I was born and where I grew up for 30 years of my life and I still miss living there very much!!!
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they always can give me a deal
they even know what i want when i come in.
Theres a few restaurants poping up in the area, and some unique ones ive never seen before. I like the unique ones better then the chains. Food is exciting to eat and the taste is great.
Buses dont run as often as they should and its not convient when you n eed to get to work. Theres a lot of traffic and tons of pot holes. Always construction going on.