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Sun Valley is a great neighborhood as it is family friendly and has many great public schools. To improve Sun Valley, it would be better to have safer streets and less traffic in the mornings.
Sun Valley is an up and coming community. More people are moving here and starting businesses. I would like to see better roads!
Well, Sun Valley is a nice and great neighborhood that you will feel welcome and meet nice people. I have a long time living in Sun Valley since I came to the United States. What I like about Sun Valley is that there are many people from different cultures and the population is big. Also, what I like about Sun Valley is that there are many schools and options you can choose from depending where you live and what you like. On the other hand, what I would changed about my neighborhood, Sun Valley, would be the graffiti polices because many people such as "cholos" write all over the walls or even in people's property. They do not respect and do not care. I care, so this is why I want a change so my neighborhood looks better, clean, and beautiful.
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I have lived her my entire life and I love it this is my home. This is where I feel the most comfortable it is not the prettiest city but it is home.
I was born and raised in sun valley and have never experienced any problems. I grew up playing with my neighbors and enjoying time with my family coming home to a peaceful environment. Right now they just finished redoing the streets making the roads less bumpy. Its cleaning up real nice my little town.
I like that there are friendly people. I think that there is a lot of homeless and drug addicts on the street which needs to be cleaned up. Many people need help.
very nice place l like it because of many reasons such as because i fee l safe and because the area is nice and it is not that crowded there is many things near were i live
The city is very community based. The parks are maintained well and the city seems to be diversifying which is a good thing in my opinion.
Some of the streets have pot holes, and don't have enough lighting at night. The skate park is filled with sand, and the park next to that is only half built. The city is okay but its mostly low to middle income families.
It's a nice neighborhood however, there is a lot of crime happening in the area. There has been also a lot of poverty and too many people rent their homes with others to pay mortgage. There are too many people walking in the neighborhood and a lot of trash and graffiti. My goal is to move into Northridge.
What I like about Sun Valley is that there is a fantastic public school, good people, and park. Sun Valley High School has been excelling both academically and enforcing the rules. The people that I have come a crossed are respectful people, that you can have a conversation with when running into them while going for a walk. The Sun Valley is great in the summer because there is a program called Summer Night Lights, and gives people of all ages food and games.
I loved in sun valley for about six years with my parents, little sister and our two dogs. Are neighborhood was mostly frightening. There is always guns shots where kids are, it's is unsafe for people with pets who take there walks when the sunsets and also the streets are not clean. The city needs more attention and care. With change and care sun valley can be a city like Burbank, ca. Sun valley has plenty of potential. Who wouldn't want to change their city for the better. Change can improve everyone's safety and better schools and the future.
Sun Valley is right smack in the middle of the San Fernando Valley. It doesn't take you more 20 mins to get to any part of the valley. Its diverse and filled with people from everywhere. There is all type of food you can go out and enjoy. There all so different places to go to for night life. Whether that's bowling, movies, mini golf, etc. There are options galore. And since its right in the middle even a quick trip to downtown wont take as long either. The only downside to that would be cost of living. Rent is expensive. But other than that its a good place to live with many options to do around the area.
My experience in Sun Valley has been pretty good since the area isn't that bad and its close to amusements parks which is very nice. Also, my experience here has thought me many thins since I moved here when I was 12 and its way better than where I use too live. Finally, one thing that could be fixed of the neighborhood is to be cleaned up and open more shelters for the people in need.
I love the city Sun Valley it is in the heart of the San Fernando Valley the city which I grew up in. I would like to see many changes in this city due to organization and keeping this city clean by having community meetings and sending everyone a letter in their mail box introducing ways to help their community. If the city gets more involved and everyone does their part this will be a 5 star city.