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The city of Rosevillle is very safe. You constantly see police on duty, and they react quickly. The crime rate is low in the city.
Roseville is a great area to live. There are tons of food options, and a variety of entertainment. The city is always clean and nice looking. All the people in Toseville are so kind, people really care. I would Definately live here again in the future.
Everyone here is so friendly
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There isn't much crime but it has gotten worse since i lived here. There have been break ins in my neighborhood
It is perfect for newly weds or elderly people. Everyone is nice and its a quiet community
I love the area that I live in. Parks, shopping and great neighbors make the neighborhood very desireable. With new stores and houses being built and the hope for a new high school, I think in the future, that the area will continue to be a great place to live.
The housing options are quite diverse in style, age and cost.
Everyone is friendly and welcoming, nobody is outwardly rude or prejudiced. The only issues are sparse and individual.
It is a very typical suburb in California. It is safe, there are lots of people that fulfill the expectations you would have, and the diversity is low.
I have only been concerned with crime once and the police cleared it up quickly
It is always warm. The only time it really rains is the winter.
There are so many places to choose from including every type of food you could imagine.
People all love their jobs around here, and everyone seems to make good money.
There is everything you could ever need here. Everything is within a relatively short driving distance