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We love the conviences that Grand Avenue offers as well as the architectural beauty that Summit Ave has to offer!
Crime is an issue and my house has been robbed several times. Crime even happens among the police which can be seen from the black lives matter events.
The twin cities are great for those interested in theatre and creative writing! The people here are friendly and supportive. The winters are harsh but there's a great array of seasons.
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I love the energy of the inner city neighborhoods and the diversity I experience daily. I am afforded many opportunities to learn from people different than myself that help to make me my best self. While living in a neighbor that has many economic, educational and practical daily challenges, being among such motivated people for basic survival, inspires me to mindful and grateful for what I achieve through hard work and effort.
I never really felt like there was any sort of issue with my neighborhood but I am aware that it's not a very good neighborhood.
You have to understand that most businesses aren't run by people who grew up in the U.S. and so the customer service is a lot different, somewhat nonexistant.
It is a beautiful place today.
It is part of the appeal of the neighborhood for me
Hard to come by jobs
There is a YWCA on the corner and tons of options for stores and restaurants around which I think encourages people to walk or bike more
We here in Minnesota have a better job market because We have Democrats who have worked hard to bring business & tourism here to the state. also did what it took to keep pro sports here. the business climate is better here.

And that's translated into a lower unemployment rate than many states.....even when the 2008 "depression" caused by the GOP -
homes need to be more does rentals. its gotten to the point where even the working are becoming homeless because there is a lack of affordable homes and rental housing.

its getting bad for students as well,... as now so much of ones money is going to just housing and utilities, with transportation a close second in costs.