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The nicest area in the Las Vegas Valley. Very safe and upscale. Spectacular strip views. The gateway to Red Rock Canyon!
Views, environment, and everything is in close proximity. There are beautiful views of the city and of the mountains. Just breathtaking! The environment is friendly and it is made for families to enjoy. Furthermore, I can also walk to a nearby Albertsons to pick food up if needed and I am close to my high school too!
Summerlin is an amazing community and it's affordable. I truly believe anywhere is affordable if your wise with your finances. Some areas can be pricey but overall it's manageable. There's plenty of great schools around and a lot of parks to spend time at.
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Summerlin is considered the "rich" neighborhood of Las Vegas, NV. Diversity is quite rare, with the majority being old white couples. Though there is little nightlife, there are many residents who go for runs in the morning and throughout the day there are many people out walking their dogs. Red Rock Casino, Downtown Summerlin (a mall), Target, Smith's, Costco, and a Lifetime Gym are all places that are in the area, and good ways to pass the time. Also, there are rarely any cops because it is a very conserved quiet neighborhood.
Summerlin exemplifies using public outreach to create a community; a community being more than just a living space, but somewhere where connections with people are made with your fellow summerlin residents. The community frequently hosts parades, 5k's, festivals or farmers markets. People want to live in Summerlin for the sense of community, and the pride the people have in there community here. Summerlin is a home to people, not just a neighborhood.
Summerlin is my favorite neighborhood in Las Vegas. The area is very beautiful and surrounded by mountains and offers a variety of gated and non gated communities. Malls, food, and entertainment sources are all very close by.
Summerlin offers a nice escape from Las Vegas. It is about a 30 minute drive to the strip, so it allows you to work or go to school in that area, without having to live in all the chaos. It is much safer then most of the other neighborhoods in the Las Vegas area. There is not much to do here, other then a few parks and small shopping pavilions, but you can always head to the strip for a night out.
The calm and reserved environment when wanted yet the intriguing and beautiful nightlife. All the neighborhoods in Summerlin are so tranquil; a visitor can easily tell it is a safe community. Weekends are best spent strolling around Tivoli Village and shopping out the outdoor mall: Downtown Summerlin. Summerlin is a great place to visit and reside in. Summerlin has the upper echelon vibe but has everything you need to live and have fun whilst being able to afford it.
I have lived in Summerlin for most of my life and there is a lot to love about it. It is a safe community with kind people. There is a countless amount of places to go for entertainment, food, shopping, etc. You can always find something new to do here and as a teenager who loves exciting, new experiences, I am thankful for that. Nothing is too far from each other and it is easy to find your way around. The community as a whole is just wonderful. The only complaint I could have is that the diversity is a bit low when it comes to races, but I have definitely seen an improvement since I have moved here. Summerlin is overall a very pleasant spot to reside in.
The best thing about Summerlin is the easy of access to shopping and food. It's a nice compact bubble of culture in the otherwise spread out area of Las Vegas
I love the safe, secure community. People here are very friendly and freely walk about and enjoy the scenery. There is a wonderful sense of community, and I look forward to coming home to it every day.
Summerlin is a fun, family friendly community that offers a ton of great opportunities for families just starting out. It is also great for couples who want a relaxing retirement filled with communities who are in the same stage of life.
I have lived in Summerlin North for 2 years now and I love this community. There are events throughout the year to bring the community together and enjoy each other's company. I love it!
I just moved here over the summer and I absolutely love it! There isn't too much traffic and there is an abundance of different restaurants. It's also close to my brothers school and not too far from my school.
I love how beautiful and hip summerlin feels. The constant backdrop of the Red Rocks have a calming affect to your mind and body. Great food, tons to do and explore, and very convenient to get around.
Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV, is a beautiful and peaceful area! The Red Rock Casino, Tivoli Village, and Downtown Summerlin are the must-see destinations in Summerlin. There are many shopping centers and an array of dining restaurants from Downtown Summerlin, to Boca Park. Red Rock Casino has a buffet, a movie theater, bowling alley, arcades, night clubs, luxurious hotel rooms and more! Summerlin even has, Red Rock Canyon, a beautiful scenery of nature and the Rocky mountains, with bike trails, camping sites, and of course Bonnie Springs, an old Western town for kids and families to enjoy and visit the petting zoo. Summerlin is a great place to visit and a beautiful place to live!
Have lived in Summerlin specifically for the last few years and I have to say there is nowhere else I would live in Las Vegas Valley. On a relative scale the schools are decent, convenient shopping (normal or upscale available), close acccess to FWY, awesome access to red rock canyon, and well kept parks/HOA's, and golf courses. Really one of only a few decent family areas in the valley. If I ever had to move away from Summerlin it would be out of state and not to another part of Las Vegas. To the people who say it's snobby I say how so? If you want a friend be a friend.
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Probably the best and safest neighborhood in Vegas. But it’s way overrated. They try to tout it as a whole other city with Downtown Summerlin, but it’s not. Mostly affluent. Hard to find affordable places here. People tend to be snobby in housing communities but apartment dwellers are more friendly. Not much homelessness tho, except for the occasional beggar on the corner. Nice for shopping, if you can afford it. Gas prices are WILD though.
I love Summerlin! The reason why I love this part of Nevada is because the residents up the hills are really quiet. Their schools on this side of town are really nice.
Summerlin is an upscale residential area with Red Rock recreational area very close by. Summerlin has the newest shopping area nearby known as DTS (DownTown Summerlin) and is very close to one of the highways. Summerlin has very good school ratings, for Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Summerlin has one of the Station Casinos ( Red Rock Casino) close to the highway and many restaurants close by. Overall Summerlin is a very popular place to reside in. Real estate is in the middle to high range, but it is worth the investment. Summerlin is in the northwest region of Las Vegas Valley.