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I grew up in summerhill. I always loved going outside and watching the Braves games when Chipper jones use to play.
Summerhill was a great neighborhood. Unfortunately the removal of the braves took down the surrounding neighborhood hood. When the brvea where removed it caused the level of diversity to decline. It also caused the affordability to decline also, and the crime level went up. The schools are great.
It is a great experience I can never get enough of how much this helps me it creates openings and opportunities for me to get to college as cheap as possible
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I have lived here going on six years and I can truly say that the area's safety has improved. There used to be many neighborly feuds, people would yell at each other from across the street, there would be fights between people. Like most neighborhoods, there are robberies every once in a while, but the community has become very peaceful and communal. I noticed that more people attend church and the area has less litter.
The Summerhill neighborhood is growing! It is close enough to the highways and downtown, and the local schools.
Finding a job can be very hard in this area.
There is really not much to say. We have numerous gas stations around us. We also have a huge stadium where there are baseball games, but other than that is pretty quiet.