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there has been less talks about killing and other crimes
my overall experience of the area that i live if i should say it not bad but can do better because yes there are lots of drugs being put out on our streets and lots of dirty living environments but there is also love in our environment people that actually care.
not too much crime in my area
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Not the greatest part of my city
There is crime everywhere you go . I think crime had gotten worst and then it had gotten better. Recently things have been pretty good.
Overall , This neighborhood has not grown . It is pretty much the same from when I first moved here . It is sad but I see little to no growth.
Police are actively visible in this area. I live on a fairly quiet block and feel safe in this area.
Things are not too bad in this area, but it is starting to see more crime, just not directly in this neighborhood. The good thing is there is police presence when needed and you don't have to wait long for them to show up if there is trouble. I feel safe in my neighborhood.
I have not seen any crimes in this area in the time I have been living here. There is a definite sense of safety, a low prevalence of crimes, and there is a Fire House one block away from my street.
The general atmosphere of the area in which I live is okay; I would not choose to live here again. I think it is a very livable, peaceful, safe area, but I prefer a lively location. It is pretty safe compared to other parts of the city and country, and I think it will remain as such.
The streets in Philadelphia are very terrifying.
Philadelphia, Pa. has always been a low key area especially when you were born and raised. So many crimes, drugs and loads of problems with our education system, it's hard to tell tourists know how "good" it is to live in the city. Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with this city. It can be colorful from afar, through pictures and other experiences from festivals but once you go really deep into the city, it's a dark place that needs help.
Crime around this area is not that bad. Things happen from time to time.
I would choose to live in this area again. Its a great area and it is very relaxing. It reminds me of the suburbs a little bit.
its okay at the moment
I give it a 100% in this area
I live in the area that is convient to party or just chill and relax for good music
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Family dollar is very popular in my neighborhood and the mom and pop stores are more like family.
out of site out of mind
supermarket or chain store work