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The neighborhood is close to everything, downtown, the airport, grocery stores, and restaurants. There sidewalks are wheelchair friendly as well as bike lanes on every major road. This is a car, bike and pedestrian friendly neighborhood.
The people in this neighborhood seem friendly enough but I don't really interact with many people. The streets are nice and quiet, blocks away from some busier ones. Everything you need is close by, the convenience is definitely one of my favorite things about this neighborhood.
Sullivan's Gulch is a vibrant neighborhood with a healthy balance of property owners and renters. Major improvements have been made to the bicycle and pedestrian oriented Greenways in the neighborhood and has sparked an increase in alternative commuting methods. Gardens and green spaces are a priority in Sullivan's Gulch and neighbors are active community members! Many local businesses provide support for community events and provide many essential services within the neighborhood.
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There has been some car break-ins and theft, but few and far between. Most noticeably is the lovely walking distance to Fred Meyer, cafes, parks, and bike-friendly streets.
My vehicle was stolen within the first month of moving to this neighborhood. The vehicle was never recovered. Theft seems to be the greatest criminal issue here. I also typically arrive home from work after 12am and am forced to park multiple blocks from home. There is not enough street lighting to feel comfortable as a young woman who must walk alone at night.
The neighborhood is a rare pocket of quiet residential streets surrounded by busy commercial districts. It's easy to ride a bicycle to any part of the city via bike avenues from this neighborhood. People are very friendly, and you see deep care for the neighborhood by those who have sustained residence in the area for many years.
the local area is alright but uncomfortable during the night on some nights.