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It can be a busy city but there is easy access to the freeway, great options for dining out, local shopping stores for retail and groceries. There are many great resources, friendly people, great schools, mostly quiet neighborhoods. No where is perfect but we are living in a better place than where we were before.
It is calm, hip and close enough to bike to downtown, the University or SLCC. There's a lot of cool bars and restaurants to visit!
I love living in Sugar house. Many restaurants, plenty of parks, and good schools. Close to the University as well.
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I go to Westminster college and enjoy living in sugar house. Everything you need is relatively close and the neighborhood is nice.
Sugar house is a super cute neighborhood in Salt Lake City. It is full of restaurants and businesses so you always have what you need. The houses in sugar house are for the most part small but charming and the streets are lined with trees. Sugar house is full of U of U students which makes it very fun and youthful feeling.
I have lived in Sugarhouse my entire life and I absolutely love it. It is so beautiful in all four seasons, especially spring and fall. And although I'm not a huge fan of snow, the snow here to beautiful! I love that Sugarhouse has so many shopping and eating areas that are safe and family friendly. There's always somewhere to go to have fun! I also know that it is a fairly affordable neighborhood. Everything that you could ever want or need (grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, parks, etc.), you can almost always find somewhere within a 10 minute drive of what you want. Sugarhouse has shaped me into who I am today.
Very up and coming place. A lot of good food and new shops popping up. Traffic can get bad. The houses around are nice homes that are a great investment.
I live around 2800 S. 1400 E. This is a great area, close to freeways, multiple stores, parks, universities, public transit, mountain trails, and eateries. Neighborhood is kept very clean, people take pride in their homes which adds to the value of the community. Diverse political population that leads to all neighbors feeling as though they are treated with great respect.
Sugar House is a nice, walkable neighborhood. Public transportation during the day is good. However, after 7 pm, the public transportation options become harder to find.
Sugar House is a lively atmosphere, with fun and excitement all over. From shops, Suagr House park, the neighborhoods, and people, it is truly a fantastic place. Sadly, traffic can flourish during busy times, and that is something I would change. Sugar House is a home to all in Salt Lake City.
Sugar House is just a fun neighborhood. There's always something going on. The restaurants in downtown Sugar House are unbeatable and the community has such a fun atmosphere.
The only thing I don't love about Sugar House is that it's maybe a little bit expensive to live there, but the price is worth it when you think about the environment you're getting!
Love this area! People are so friendly. The area is filled with great restaurants and entertainment!
I think Sugar House is a good safe area. There aren't many kids so if someone was looking for a neighborhood with lots of kids this wouldn't be the place. Because there are older people the neighborhood is quite.
Great area to live in Salt Lake. Close location to gyms, parks, dog parks, stores, schools, etc. Lots of outdoor activities nearby (mountains are about 15 minutes away).
I loved living in Sugar House, however my biggest complaint is how expensive it is to live there. I'm also not a fan of how they want to make this suburb more urban by adding high rise apartments. Let the neighborhood be.
I really enjoy that there are many things to do in Sugar House. There are amazing places to eat as well as many places to play outside and be active. The thing that I would like to see change is the garbage on the street. There is quite a bit so possibly adding more garbage cans would help with this issue.
I have lived in lots of different types of neighborhoods and Sugar House has by and large been my favorite one. I feel safe in my neighborhood and take the opportunity to walk to school, and the place I work out whenever possible. I am also within walking distance of great shopping, restaurants and the post office. The nightlife could be a little more diverse, and have more to offer, but the lack of clubs and bars is also something I like about Sugar House. The park is easily accessible and beautiful, and the commute downtown or to get to a major freeway is easy.
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It's a great neighborhood with easy access to everything! Close to the university, downtown, great access to the freeway, and tons of places to eat
Sugarhouse is a diverse community which is home to people from all sorts of backgrounds. Growing up, it was important to me that I was exposed to many neighbors of all ages because while I had friends, I quickly learned to talk to adults and to care for younger children.
Sugarhouse is a quiet, family friendly neighborhood with beautiful homes and an inviting atmosphere. Located just a handful of miles from downtown, Sugarhouse offers a sense of community that is hard to find so close to the heart of the city. Beautiful views, convenient location, and crime seems to be non-existent!