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Stuyvesant Town is a welcoming neighborhood. You are isolated from the loud city streets, yet only a few minutes away from New York's bustling downtown. I have always felt safe living here because there are families everywhere. While the prices are quite high, the vibe of this neighborhood is unique compared to other areas in the city.
it is pretty safe. When crime happens it is usually because someone was personally negligent ( like walking home alone in early hours of the morning etc)
I would choose to live here again. Very convenient, diverse and plenty of access to outdoor play.
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I live in Stuyvesant Town which looks like a project area but it is the best place to live in the city. You feel like you are in the suburbs with the way the buildings are set up but you can walk 5 minutes and you will be immersed in the cultures of the east village, union square, etc.
Nice quiet neighborhood, a little pricey but quality
People are receptive and friendly when approached, but rarely is a sense of community asked upon each other
I have never felt unsafe walking in the neighborhood, no matter the time of day/night.
NYC has a 4 season cycle, which ranges from wool coats in the winter to tank tops in the summer.
Near the East Village and Alphabet City, there is a vibrant nightlife with varied food and drink scenes. Still NYC, so could be pricey
Near several Hosptials and Medical Schools, there are several health care related jobs
Independant shops are quickly being replaced with big corporation stores
It depends on what you want to do. there are so many people looking for jobs. its pretty competative