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Police are visibke but not ehen you need them to be.
This area overall could be a lot better than it is
It is the best place
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We dont have too much nature things around. I think the closest thing to nature we get to is the Delaware River and the activities they have near there. Its not too much we have to do or that is offered to us.
The housing quality is pretty average , there are some nice houses to live in and they are decent with prices. Everyone knows that New Jersey has the highest taxes though and that affects too.
People in this community most likely have been here most of their life , these people dont move often and if they do its within the city. They do community events and sporting events where people get involved and show support. We have a somewhat involved community but I think its progressing as the years go by.
Four seasons are perfectly normal and how it should be. We dont have any major natural disasters, we are pretty safe from them. We live in an area where we need winter clothes closet and then a summer clothes closet.
We dont have many unique places around this small town. We have the usual restaurants and fast food spots and the quality of them arent so good. We have local bars but we dont have clubs in the area. If you really wanted to have a good time you would want to go out of town.
The overall job outlook is bad, many people cant find jobs and have a hard time because companies wont hire. Most people work in the health ,retail or food industry. You see alot of fast food jobs and clothing retail jobs. I wouldnt stay here to pursue my career