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I've lived here for 17 years and I love it! The farmer's market is probably my favorite place, besides the Bookstar turned Barnes and Noble on Ventura.
Ah Studio City. Where to begin? Well firstly, WOW! It's a great place to live, what can I say? Well "AWESOME" is one way to put it. Man I love this place.

It's a quiet neighborhood but not boring by any means. There are plenty of things to do and places to see.
Studio City is a great mix of open spaces and entertainment. There are people from all different walks of life that live here.
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Expanding community with a revolving door of new restaurants, stores and more. Small enough where I always manage to run into people I know but big enough where you won't get bored. Beautiful weather all year long.
The quiet and nice people. I would change the policies on how they deal with the homeless population
Growing up on the border of Studio City, Valley Village, and North Hollywood, I've learned the ins and outs of all three cities. I moved directly into Studio City about ten years ago expecting it to be the safest of the neighboring cities which grew to be less and less true over the past few years. Although the neighborhoods tend to be rather tight-knit communities with tons of families and having an online safety network to combat the dangers, Studio City has been riddled with large homeless population. This has resulted into an increase of crime within the neighborhoods, whether it be robberies, attempted break ins, etc. Recently my own home has been subjected to an attempted break-in which resulted in the police taking thirteen minutes to respond to the call while a man attempted to break a window and the front door. Overall Studio City provides a nice area for the average family, but has some serious safety issues that need to be addressed.
Studio City is a gorgeous place to live. It's very clean and well kept. Not only that, but the location is great, I can get to anywhere in the city very quickly. I'm close to freeways and side streets. There is never that much traffic in the area either which makes running errands a breeze.
Studio City is the successful combination of a suburban and city neighborhood. It's located between the valley and downtown LA so the commute time is around 30 min to hotspot areas. Studio City is home to many family friendly activities such as a weekly farmer's market, hiking trails, a diversity of local restaurants and apparel shops. Overall, it's a safe and bustling environment for a suburb lifestyle with the city nightlife.
Studio City is located in a perfect spot. I am able to access the 101, 134, 405 and 5 freeways quickly. I also can take Coldwater Canyon and get to Beverly Hills and Century City in 15-20 min without traffic. It is a trendy family town filled with small and big homes, apartments and condos, restaurants that offer all types of food, cafes, mom and pop shops, bars, lounges, coffee shops, and an amazing hiking trail called Fryman. We have a farmer's market on Sundays if you want more organically grown food.
I have lived in Studio City for almost 23 years. Our community is filled with a plethora of dining and shopping venues as well as great people and good schools. I have always felt safe in my neighborhood (for me this is the most important part about picking a home.)
Ever since I bought a house in this area, it has bene nothing but good to me. It is perfectly located. You can jump over Laurel and get to West Hollywood fast, or go to burbank area, or anywhere really.
Quiet, boring, bougie, getting very expensive, still pretty fun, got to grow up there. Overall can't complain about anything but the price.
I grew up in this neighborhood and it has been the best experience!

Growing up with friendly neighbors and living walking distance from a park was great. My family has a dog and we take her out to walk everyday, so it was necessary for us to live close to one.

I went to local schools, such as Campbell Hall, Immaculate Heart etc.
I think my family and I have had a great experience here and couldn't be happier.
I've lived there for a good many years now, and the neighborhood is very welcoming and friendly. Ventura Ave. is a little pricey on the whole, but there is hardly a shortage of places to go or things to do, and the residential areas are surprisingly quiet and calm for such a high-traffic area.
High rent, trees, flower gardens, residents walk, safe at night, good restaurants, Sunday Farmer's Market, hot dry summers, suburban life close to rest of L.A.
Studio City is a safe neighborhood with easy access to public transportation and numerous entry level film job opportunities.
Studio City is a family friendly neighborhood with a great elementary school and plenty of shops. The community is safe and everybody works together to look out for each other's best interest. I have no problem walking around at night and have no fears of the safety of the area.
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I have lived in studio city my entire life and I am very well educated in the studio city scene. As being very well integrated with the studio city neighborhood council, I am very well aware of the problems going on in the city. other than that, it is a very fun place to live and McConnell’s ice cream is the best. 10/10 would recommend.
I love Studio City! There is so much to do from the various food options to having Universal Studios Hollywood as a neighbor. This city feels safe and is never boring... a wonderful combination!
I like the area. It has good parks,
is close to the city, yet far from the urban strife and noise. Beautiful zone, and good schools.