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Great up and coming neighborhood with park views and convenient to Center City. Great for biking and attending events on Kelly Drive.
Crime happens everywhere and of course safety is important. Police are visible everywhere.
My city would have to be one of the best places to live because of our diversity historical ties and the fact that's it's one of the big cities in the US that offer ways of getting around town with easy accessibility, some towns aren't like that they have limits on transportation certain times of the day especially after business hours. I would have to say that where I grew up and was raised is in fact one of the best places to live and come back to.
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The worst and I want to move out when I have a enough money
I would somewhere else if I could and hopefully I will soon. I have lived here all my life and I'm ready for something new.
I always had a good experience. My area has a bad education system
There're few job opportunities and those that are open get filled by out of area people instead of local residents.
The overall experience in this area is okay, sometimes I hear people outside. I maybe hear police cars driving through my block.
Public Transportation Is Okay , Sometimes It Is Very Hot Or Smells Bad .