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The Stonestown/SFSU neighborhood is mostly residential area. Living in this area is convenient, from wide transit options to being able to walk to the Stonestown mall or SF State University. It does come with a relatively huge price tag, though; the average monthly rent for a home in this area is about $4,000. Be prepared to find roommates to live here.
It's a fairly safe city, but there has been a lot of police brutality lately.
It's very expensive to live here, but the city is amazing.
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There has been a few problems
The 2 years I've lived in SF has been eye opening
There area bunch of options for food, entertainment, and clothes. Living right next to a prodigious mall has its benefits. There are also a myriad of grocery stores, restaurants, and eateries nearby within a 10 minute walk.
Most people can find a job because San Francisco is huge and there are enough stores and such everywhere that can hire help.
Everything is convenient in San Francisco, you don't have to look hard to find what you need. Whether it's a chain store or local family owned store.
Employment options are higher in San Francisco but not in the specific area that I lived in. There are more people than there are jobs so competition is tough.