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The neighborhood is alright though the weather is very chilly in the winter.
Because this area is growing, so is the number of food places and the variety of restaurants as well, this area is moving to become more healthy I think, which is great.
I do see quite a bit of squad cars driving around, but I often hear about problems with gangs, and drugs/alcohol, and crimes related to those things.
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I hate the winters, they're freezing and there is no escape from the harsh winds due to the fact that this area is on the plains. The summers are perfect though, and fall is absolutely gorgeous.
the smaller businesses really take care of you and make sure you have what you need.
Lots of businesses are hiring in this city. There are few places that are not hiring new people to work for them.
There are a lot of small businesses and big name stores here in town. Businesses are very supported in our town.