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There is a lot of crime and no one to stop. People are dying almost every day.
The city of Camden has many problems. There is a lot of crime and in some cases there isn't a lot of hope. It seems as though some people have given up on improving the city. There are some people who are trying to improve the state of their city but not enough.
even though camden is not the best area when talking about safety, I can say that it has gotten better. there more polici officers visible, robberies have decreased.
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the general atmosphere of the area is okay. I would choose to live somwhere better to be more comfortable, but I am okay. Camden is defenitly no the best area to live compared to others, however, nothing terrible has happen to me.
The general consensus is very bleak. Everyone just pushes to make it day to day with no real expectation of the future. If I could live my life all over again yes I would live here only because of some of the great opportunities that have been given to me because I work and study hard.
You can't really do anything that have to do with nature where I live
The crime where i am at is very bad. I barley see police on the streets.
the public service in this area is pretty okay.
Since I live on the east coast the weather is pretty good.
Not many people have jobs where I live.
There aren't any nice restaurants where I live. If to want something good to eat you have to go out of the city.
If you ever need something you will most likely have to go out of the city to get it.
It's kept it clean from time to time.