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The front part of the subdivision is really nice. But the farther back you see more vacant properties and unkempt yards.
In my area we have all lived here for many years. Most everyone on our block has lived here a long time. The community is pet friendly as long as they are not bothersome to other home owner's property. There really are no community events.
There is not a lot of crime in our area. I believe it is because we are in a remote area and there is nothing around my subdivision. Neighbors watch out for each other in my area. We are all dedicated to protect not only our property but our neighbors property.
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The area I live in is very quite with no big or small businesses surrounding my subdivision. There is a close by dollar store and a convenience store. I would choose to live here again if I and when I leave this area. I would rank this area a 7 out of 10 compared to everywhere else in the country. The future for this area is growing. I am excited to see new development to our small community.
I love the area that I live in, its not directly in downtown but its close enough to where its not too crazy with a lot of people. The area has began to grow, they have fixed the roads to make them better, and plenty of new restaurants have been built.
You hardly hear about bad stuff happening. Except one time they found a body in my neighbourhood.
Constant construction in this area
great neighborhood, young but has lots of great neighbors that are friendly
There is crime in San Antonio, just as there is in any city, but it is generally pretty safe in the neighborhood I live in.
Due to the growth of the area, many more jobs are available. Salaries seem much lower in this are though...
There are many more shops than there were a few years ago so there are at least options, however, not very many unique restaurants or nice sit down restaurants