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I love Steven's Square, everybody is very friendly and helpful. One person even left a VW emblem for me on my car that I was missing from one of my hubcaps.
I definitely think I learned a lot by living in south Minneapolis. The general atmosphere seems ok until you dig deeper and realize that there are a lot of problems. There are a lot of people that are addicted to drugs in this area so it makes walking outside at night unpleasant. I'm glad I choose to live out here; I've become more street smart and more aware of what's happining as an adult. I don't believe that this is the worst city in the rest of the U.S., we've got a lot of room for improvement but we for sure aren't the worst. I see things getting better in this neighborhood. The city is tearing down old buildings and putting a lot of fancy condos up. There has been a dramatic decrease in the neighborhood I live in so I'm satisfied
There are a bunch of different places to go out and eat at. There are 17 blocks dedicated to restaurants in the area. Everyone goes to Nicollet Diner if they want food really early in the morning. Tibet Kitchen is also really good and has great delivery service. There are a lot of bars everywhere. I am not 21 so I don't tend to know what goes on in there. there are plenty of clubs
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Drug addicts like to hang out at the parks. They'll do it out in broad daylight. Sexual harassment is common at these parks if you're a woman that hangs out alone. The parks seem nice; they're large and well maintained but I tend to avoid them. There really is no wildlife due to being only a block away from downtown
They have community focused events occasionally to improve the quality of the neighborhood. They can center about drug problems in the area in addition to days in which we clean up the neighborhood. There are a lot of strange people that live in the area so I'm cautious about meeting new people. Many people own pets and aren't supposed to but they take good care of their dogs. I wouldn't raise a child in this neighborhood because the apartments are small and have thin walls so people will complain a lot of they hear your child. Also my neighbors are really nosy and the police are often called to the area for no reason
There's not much lawn to maintain so there's not any overgrown grass. There are a lot of alleys, they tend to be covered with litter and aren't well lit. You might get robbed bring some Mace. The parks are well maintained for the most part there's just a lot of drug addicts that hang out at certain parks
I hate winter and if someone hates winter I strongly advise them to stay away from Minnesota. It's freezing and not the fun kind of cold. It's the kind of cold where it's not possible to go outside and do anything because it's so cold. I feel like Mother Nature is attempting to steal my soul every time I walk out in the winter. And the worst part is it will begin to warm up and I will feel hopeful and then after a week of wonderful weather it will be colder than it was before. Springs really pretty around here but tends to be almost non existent because it's so cold during the winter and then suddenly it's summer. Summers here are pretty decent it gets hot enough but it's humid. There is rarely a time where we get dry heat. And fall is pretty much winter but less intense. Natural disasters mostly consist of tornados and blizzards.
There are plenty of places to work in Minneapolis; but many of the places in the area that I live in are jobs that are apart of the service industry. Meaning you'll make minimum wage as a fast food worker or one of the trinket shops. If you're willing to work downtown the opportunities are endless.
I don't always feel safe in my neighborhood, such as when I get back home late at night and have to walk to my apartment complex. Many times there are angry intoxicated people roaming the streets at night attempting to pick a fight with anyone and everyone. You see many crimes committed such as drug deals and on a few occasions I've been offered drugs as I'm walking down the streets. Although I hear the cops in the area often, I rarely ever see anyone being arrested for a more serious crime.
I enjoy that I'm able to get to know the shopkeepers because in the area I live in the shops tend to be a little smaller. There's a grocery store where I shop often the owners are very kind and like to be kept updated about your life. The downside is this store is really small; so there isn't much food to select from. And unfortunately there are no larger grocery stores that are easy to get to and from during the winter if you don't have a car. There are plenty of stores that sell unique trinkets in the area again they are smaller stores so you get to know the shop keepers who are usually friendly.
Eat street is a few blocks away and is nice because it features four or five blocks of different restaurants from different ethnicities. However, there is no real nightlife unless you like hanging out at bars with hit or miss music.
There is not a lot of thriving small businesses. There are mostly chains/franchise.
Minneapolis is the headquarters for many prominent companies such as Ameriprise Financial and Target. Minnesota is also home of very prestigious hospitals, so it usually has many lucrative job opportunities in various fields.
Very pet friendly, eco-conscious, gay friendly, multi-ethnic/diverse population all living peacefully in the neighborhood known as Stevens Community.
Again this is near an area known as "Eat Street". Lots of affordable and ethnic offerings.
Not much around here other than pharmacies and little corner stores. The area church is even for sale.
Mostly apartments in the area. Very few single family homes
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Near lots of public transportation in the area. Parking is hard to come by, streets are narrow. Lots of one-way streets to slow down drivers.
Lot's of local parks and green spaces. Lakes 1-2 miles away.
I am not in a position to know this information, but from outward appearance and first glance there is a significant faction of very unhealthy individuals in the area.