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20 years ago my neighborhood had a significant drug problem. Now new condos sell for 3/4 million across the street. I'd have to say aesthetically it's improved, although new housing units lean towards the pricier end of the spectrum.
Not as great as it once was. Less diverse, much more crowded. Not as affordable as it used to be.
Used to be very safe, with the massive influx of people in the last 10 years, it's become less so.
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I moved to Seattle in 1989, and have always lived on Capitol Hill. I would have to say that there is nothing that is better now than it was then. It's becoming increasingly unaffordable. Traffic is terrible except in the middle of the night. Crime is on the rise, this used to be a very tolerant and safe area. Now you hear of hate crimes regularly (1x monthly). Everything that used to make Seattle charming and awesome has been torn down, sanitized. It's becoming indistinguishable in many ways from any other big city. That being said, Seattle's natural setting is spectacular and there isn't another city in the country I'd rather live in.
The crime here is crazy to me since I came from a place where the crime rate was VERY low so coming here where there is a shooting or assault just about everyday is a big shock. I don't feel unsafe for the most part, you just have to be smart about traveling especially when you are by yourself just like any place in this country.
I would like to have given a 3 and half point rating to bring it up to a good level. I am in between the okay and great marks, I have been enjoying Seattle a great deal but I find myself wanting more out of it and some of the standoff-ish behavior as well as the rudeness of people is rather frustrating to deal with. But overall I would say that this place is a good place to live. It's rather expensive compared to Idaho but that is what you get with a bigger city, right? Anywho I wouldn't change coming here I don't regret it in the slightest.
This area is close to my school, many restaurants and even a downtown!
The houses are older and somewhat unkempt. Some of the buildings are historical and many have a lot of character. The rent is also very high in the area for the quality of home you receive. Some neighborhoods are safer than others, but my apartment is located in a relatively safe and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood.
I haven't personally worked in the Seattle area, but my neighbors and friends enjoy their jobs.
I'm new to the capitol hill area and have mainly used the restaurants and grocery stores. As I described on a previous page of the survey, the restaurants are wonderful here. The grocery stores vary in quality. Within walking distance of my apartment I have a great co-op and Trader Joes. There are also a couple of Safeways and a QFC nearby which are more mediocre. The other businesses I have yet to explore.
Capitol Hill has a wide variety of excellent restaurants and bars. I follow a vegan diet and the Seattle area has an option for me at nearly every restaurant I visit. Some of my favorite restaurants include Babar - a Vietnamese karaoke bar, Plum Bistro - a vegan restaurant and Cafe Flora. Any night I don't feel like walking out I have everything at my disposal from vegan pizza to Ethiopian Food. The only reason I rated the area as 4 out 5 stars is because the area can be expensive to dine around.