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The neighborhood is nice overall, as well as most of the people. There are just some people in this neighborhood that ruin the "niceness" of the area. For example, some leave garbage on other people's lawns, one person revs their car engine at 10 o'clock at night constantly, and a few others blast loud music past the quiet hours. Other than that, it is a clean and comfortable area.
What I love about Aurora is the ethnic diversity. I've lived here all my life, and I would love to live here again after college. I love to travel and see what is out there in the world, but I wouldn't mind settling here at all. It has it's fair share of problems, but the type of problems that any other community would have. It is very clean, and although the weather is bipolar, it is beautiful on a good day. Lots of activity goes on here.
companies close down and new ones open in the area so it's just a trade off. employment just stays the same.
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Although I do not live there anymore, I still go to the cinema close by there. it's my favorite cinema and they have good quality business. there's a lot of stores but the only problem is it was not walking distant to the community. it can take an average of an hour walk to get to store.