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Steele Creek is a fast growing area with a lot of things to do. There is a good amount of different restaurants to try, many shopping areas, and it is not too far from Lake Wylie. Gas is also cheaper around that side of town compared to the rest of Charlotte.
My family and I are transplants from New York. Steele creek is a great area for people who are moving to Charlotte. It is very family friendly and has great schools. Its located in southern Charlotte which is nice because you're minutes away from Lake Wylie SC and Fort Mill SC. It is also 20 minutes from uptown Charlotte!
I've lived in Steele Creek for almost 7 years. The real estate market is booming here and the value of my home has surged since I bought it a few years ago. Love that the neighborhood is family friendly and the access to shopping, grocery stores and restaurants.
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I like the places and shopping areas in this neighborhood, but it really needs some more restaurants and food places for the growing community to eat at.
I've lived here for going on 6 years. The steele creek area is a very friendly, safe environment. I would love to see them open a recreation center with all the building they're doing to keep the kids busy and out of trouble.
I thoroughly enjoy living in Steele Creek, it has a nice reputation and is a beautiful area of Charlotte. It makes me feel safe. There is one thing I wish I could change about the particular area that I'm close to in Steele Creek and that is the heavy truck traffic on hwy 160, Steele Creek rd, and Tryon rd.
It is a fast growing area not too far from Uptown Charlotte. The main characteristic that I wanted to point out is the fast urbanization. There is a lot of development going on. Me personally, I prefer a very urban environment in which I can walk to places rather than driving where I want to go. Steele Creek is slowly becoming that but still far from it. I believe the school system in my opinion is one of the weakest factor. It's not bad but isn't great either from my experience. In conclusion this will likely become a more prominent area in the future, especially with amount of transplants moving in from out-of-town.
Great location. Close to shopping, interstates, lake. Plenty of parks for all ages. Wonderful sense of community.
Of course there's a little bit of crime, I don't think you can totally get rid of crime. However, the police are very responsive and do everything they can to prevent it.
I didn't want to move to this area at first, however I quickly realized that the area is beautiful and the people are overall very nice. Carowinds is right down the street, so there's always something fun to do.
It's not better than my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. However, it is a very comfortable environment.
It's different here everyday and that's good.
i was born in Ghana west africa and USA is the best country in the world
Since Charlotte is expanding so rapidly, so is the job market.
Every company in Charlotte, whether local or not, is of the greatest quality I have ever seen. Great customer service, aesthetics...they've got everything.
Most of the crime comes from kids being irresponsible. As long as you lock your doors and keep up your security systems, you're fine!
Other than hail maybe once or twice a year, the weather is warm and lovely.
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I love Charlotte because there are always things to do at a good price!
People seem to always be hiring but are bad at following up with people. You have to keep on them before they call you back.
Never ran into a bad one. :)