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Area is a bit pricey, but the community and options for socializing and going to events are enjoyable.
Stapleton is a very cookie cutter neighborhood but is great for students at the University of Colorado Anschutz Campus.
Stapleton is great for families. Lots of outdoor open spaces and very walkable. With recent additions like Stanley and East Bridge, there is a wide variety of food and restaurants.
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Full of nice parks and places for kids. Very family friendly with multiple schools nearby. Constantly expanding. RTD and Light rail station very close. Lots of food and entertainment with 5-10 minutes away.
I love living in Stapleton. Everything that I need is within 2 miles of where I live. I am able to use the parks and green space, it is also very dog friendly.
I've grown up in Stapleton since the age of 3, and every moment has been wonderful. I love Sapleton and I am proud to call it home. It provides a warm, welcoming feeling through all the people and neighbors I encounter with on a daily basis.
Stapleton is a very nice neighborhood in Denver. The houses are nice and people maintain their yards and houses. The affordable housing units blend right in. All of the shopping and eating places you need are close by, and there are tons of events going on for you and/or your family to attend. Very friendly and safe neighborhood.
Great place to raise a family. Local dining and shopping. Great parks and family swimming pools. Don't miss out on the summertime concerts and movies in the green!
Having moved into Stapleton a year and a half ago, I have discovered a great community atmosphere, interesting shopping and restaurants, and a very friendly neighborhood feel.
The public schools are not solid. Close to the city and to Aurora and makes for a lot of diversity.
Stapleton is an expanding neighborhood that is filled with great families and nice new housing. But, in the past few months there's been issues with robberies which has caused my family to buy extensive security.
Even though Stapleton is a smaller neighborhood sandwiched in between three much older neighborhoods, I don't believe anyone is worried about safety. Children are safe to play outside wherever and whenever they please and there are always people outside enjoying the amazing weather that Colorado has to offer, even later at night. Break-ins and theft are extremely rare
Wonderful community with tons of opportunities to enjoy your neighbors and the outdoors. In the summer there are several locations and dates to attend outdoor concerts, outdoor movies, block parties and there is even a neighborhood wide garage sale date. I personally came into the neighborhood at an age older than most kids in the area which was a bummer but I still had many friends from the local schools. It is definitely an area perfect for families, especially with young kids because there are tons of outdoor spaces and parks. Its also a unique neighborhood because the houses are large enough to seem like suburban homes but Stapleton is so centrally located, you feel like you're still in the city. It also has a good range of housing from single family homes to duplexes to apartments to town homes. It's certainly not a cookie cutter looking neighborhood but the homeowners and the HOA keep everything in great shape.
Some of the building in this neighborhood have facades. There is also a 1950's sleezy watch tower for planes, this neiborhood was an air field, that is quite the eyesore. I wish that it would be torn down.
If I could afford to live in an older neiborhood I would.
Our neiborhood is fairly safe. The police are on it.
It's all less than 10 years old. Not enough space between houses.
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We are surrounded by areas that are not as well off which causes theft.
it's a very ban development and the largest in the US. Developer got ahead of itself and a lot of first business went out of business. Things are coming back as community grows.
There are trees on people's lawns and a lot of them have gardens.