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I often don't feel safe walking home at night, even when I know I am being alert and aware. I feel vulnerable because I do not feel like I belong to the local community, but instead am viewed as a student invading the area.
Although the area has a lot of mixed ethnic and racial backgrounds, there is very little community or interactions between groups. The students living in the area to go to Temple University and the local residents who have grown up and lived in the area are segregated from one another.
The streets in my city are not repaired. The murder rates are increasing making the environment unsafe. Young adults are not going to college. Public schools are being shut down due to financial problems. Houses are becoming run down. And the homeless rates are increasing as well.
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Many of the job opportunities that are found ins my neighborhood only pay minimum wage without many or any benefits at all. Living in my neighborhood if you want to find a good job that pays well you have to search outside of the area. The further out of the neighborhood you are the more job opportunities you'll find. They're many jobs within the fast food industry mainly because there are a lot of fast food places in my neighborhood
The safety is okay but our crime rate in pretty high. So you would expect our police to be really good but they aren't always reliable. Sometimes they're there as soon as you need them but depending on the area your in theymay be nowhere to be found.
Most houses in the area look the same minus the abandoned houses. There are nicer properties in certain areas of the city but there are more row homes and semi dethatched houses. some houses are kept looking nice but others look really bad
I believe our public services are pretty good but could be better. There are things that could be enforced more and others that don't need as much enforcement. Things like city clean ups, trash and recycling, fines and things of that nature should be enforced more instead of things that have very little importance
We do not have many natural disasters in my area at most we get the after math. At most we worry about floods, and severe thunderstorms or temperature drop. My area is pretty safe and out of the way area, meaning we don't have to worry about all the tornadoes, crazy floods, wildfires, and landslides. But we get the left overs, meaning we'll get the crazy wind after the tornado, or the rain after the huge storm
There is not a lot of nightlife in my neighborhood. you have to travel out of my neighborhood to find really good fine and quality dining. The are no good clubs in my area, if you want good dining and great nightlife in my city you have to go more towards center city. We have no fancy restaurants around me either
The businesses in this area are okay but are starting to get better! there are a lot of little mini markets and quick stop shops around but there will be many times when you will have to go to more then one store to find what you need. Having to go to multiply stores just to get what you need can become tedious. Even though there are many different places to get food and little things for the house they're are very few place to buy clothes. You can normally walk to the stores we have but for clothes shopping you have a farther way to travel.
Crime is prevalent, especially when it comes to drug dealing.
Not much variety aside from the occasional Chinese place and pizza shop.
Many people in the neighborhood neglect their fitness.
Nothing out of the ordinary here.
could be more of hte arts and crafts going on for the community
I think is better than just throwing things together. It has opened my eyes to reusable containers
The crime is just as if it was in the suburbs ... People will be people no matter where they are located.. Its is about having proud in yourself and in your neighborhood.
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Could be much better than what it is.
I do not agree with all of President Obama decisions, but all in all I think he is doing a good job.
average as any other street