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every block differs from the next
There is so much fun to do dealing with nature . I love to hike and ride horses and I have so many options.
Law enforcement literally will take an hour or more just to respond to a call and they may not show up.
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Everyone is very friendly and easy to get along with.
We really don't have any bad weather
There are some really good restaurants and bars in my area . The prices for most places are really affordable.
I would to say trying to find a good job and good to school is really hard . I'm trying my hardest to get back in and pay for it. Trying to do that with my job is extremely hard because I'm doing it alone and I can't get a good job making decent money without my degree.
We really don't have much in my neighborhood so it's kinda hard to say
The housing here consists of historical row houses renovated from when they were built over a hundred years ago. They look well-kept and charming from the outside, and the property values here are high enough so that abandonment is not a typical problem.
Public services in the U.S. capital should theoretically be the best in the country to serve as a representative for our prosperity, so services being average or slightly above average does not seem adequate. The services in greatest need of improvement are related to local transportation to assist the hundreds of thousands of commuters who live outside DC get to their destinations more efficiently. The Metro frequently breaks down and the buses can be unreliable. Congestion on the roads every day make driving a nightmare.
This is a safe area compared to most in DC, but mainly because if its proximity to the Capital building and major train station. I see guards or city/metro/Capital police in most areas either standing watch or cruising around. When I do see crime, I hear a response to it within about 5-10 minutes.
The most dangerous it gets is when we have snow storms and neighbors do not shovel their snow buildup before the ground freezes over. Otherwise, the very occasional rainstorm could cause a problem, but major sever weather is not something people here tend to worry about.
I live close to an up-and-coming row of great restaurants, bars, and clubs. The prices here are reasonable for Washington, DC, and the transportation options are expanding, which means it will be less expensive overall to come out here for an evening. The variety of places to go is great: it ranges from dirty dive bars to fun bars that serve great food, to higher end exclusive restaurants, and a lot of the bars also play music later at night. There's a theater and a small concert venue in the area, too, which gives greater variety to what can be done on a night out.
Washington DC is great for highly-educated young professionals willing to work up to the employment they want for a few years, since there seem to be several opportunities at non-profits and working as a contractor for the federal government. My perspective is very limited, though, since I am only looking at government-related work and within a specific field.
My area has one major grocery store which provides most of the products I need on a day-to-day basis. There are a few convenience shops close by as well: one smaller convenience store embedded in the neighborhood, and several others which are mostly food vendors inside a major metro station a few blocks away. The mom-and-pop shops are all food-related as well - there are a couple local coffee shops and a vegan takeaway shop in the area.