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You can live in this neighborhood a very long time and never get to know your neighbor unwelcoming area
Small houses over priced unfriendly neighbors to many barking dogs owners to not clean up dog poop stinks terribly poor air quality not recommeded
The quality of housing is alright, there are not any vacant or abandoned areas but the houses themselves could use a little work.
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I have lived here all my life and i can honestly say that i have enjoyed it very much. Sure it is not the most lavish place to live but everyone is very kind, all races, ethnicity's, and sexual orientations are welcome. The community is however not extremely connected, i do wish that there would be move of a connection between neighbors and people in the area, but other than that it is a great area.
The crime rate in my area has improved since we have a watch committee who keeps the neighborhood aware of whats going on in and around the area.
There are many jobs er that pays very well. Many new jobs have been created and education is being promoted more
there is very little crime in the area. A few cars broken into, or a little vandalism here and there but overall i cannot complain
Minneapolis is a great area because you have the city life around, but you can get to the country and outer area with a quick drive