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We don't have very much crime partly because everyone knows everyone and we look out for each other
I like the fact that we know everyone, and as far as atmosphere we live near a park so we the outdoor filling of camping and bike riding if we want to do those things.
I would not live in this area at all if I had not gotten tied to the lease when my husband was still here to protect me. The apartment complex is riddled with crime and there is no such thing as security here.
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I will love my hometown. No matter how far I go I will always return home.
Recently I caught an intoxicated younger man trying to steal a bike in my neighbor hood.
the community could use a lot of work with the abandon buildings but the upkeep is good on the buildings within operations
there are many places that are in walking distance. also accessible through public transportation. also there are many places that are hiring for good and dependable help in the area.
Some people have been here forever, while some houses have had people switching out quite often.
A lot of the neighbors are very friendly. I have no connection with some of the people in my neighborhood, other people, I interact with every now and then.
In the city and more developed areas, it is good for walking. Some places have no sidewalk or shoulder and are dangerous for driving and Especially walking. In rural areas and moderately developed areas, it is good for driving without much difficulty.
We have a mix of both mom-and-pop-run stores and chain stores. I notice more of the chain stores. There are several McDonald's, Burger Kings, Wendy's, and IHOPs in the area, as well as a Walmarts, Hy-Vees and a Price Chopper.
Employment is available, but not abundant. There are not a lot of well paying jobs available, but most pay enough to just get by.
There are multiple grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, and restaurants within a 5 mile radius. This is why this area is a good place to live. The businesses are mostly chains, so I wouldn't call them above average. Although, the barbecue restaurants near by, such as Big T's and LC's, are locally owned and serve amazing food.
Kansas City is an area with great food, great entertainment, and great people!