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The police department is lacking. It's not very common to see police around the area.
When you look at the economics of the area, they are indeed getting better, however that is a result from northerners migrating southward. House rates are improving because the people coming down are renovating the older houses and buildings. However, this is also increasing rent and other residential prices. Most locals are having a harder time remaining in their original residences (gentrification is very prevalent here). This also means that the culture of the city is slowly disappearing, which is something that is very sad to see.
It could be better. It was a great place and neighbor to live in before the Hurricane Katrina came.
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I lived here all my life.
Because of the nice makeover New Orleans now has, I did not see the oppression in this place. It has its own beauty of the people's culture, music and good food but the lack of good schools and a solid good education is not seen. Also, the rent is extremely high plus no good paying jobs. I do not see myself living here in the near future.
The crime . && the streets or horrible
Not to much to do.
Crime is all over the city.
Food and drinks are always number one.
No jobs whatsoever, even if you have a trade or degree.
Corporations, such as Walmart are wiping the city clean! There are barely any mom-and-pop shops left.