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The quality of housing is decent because the management repairs things and keeps everything updated. The grass always gets cut. The cost of housing has increased for it to a low income neighborhood. The amount of vacant properties may be increasing.
People don't make an effort to have each other's backs. Everyone is only worried about if they themselves are alright. Most people do not desire to unite or create a positive space for themselves and their children. Everyone tries to manipulate one another.
There have been issues with crime and my neighborhood has been reported on the news a couple of times. The residents of my neighborhood try to keep the people who committ crimes out by reporting criminal activity because their activity brings violence, danger and unrest to the community. The police busted some guys who were dealing drugs & one criminal was shot & killed.
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The local police and residents have helped bring down crime in the area. It is low income and arguments will always occur between residents.
Jacksonville's okay. Sometimes it's not up to speed newer technologies.