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I love St. John's. It is the last place in Portland that still has a bit of the "old" Portland feel, for now.
Lots of stores makes it easy to access whatever you need but the traffic is horrible and some areas are not that safe. Seems to be a lot of low income areas and apartments or super expensive apartments
St. John's is a great little neighborhood in north Portland. There is a great food, music and entertainment scene. One thing that is very unique about St. John's is the support for our local businesses, many places in the neighborhood are family owned and operated and it creates a homey feel. Everything is extremely accessible and there is lots to do! From Cathedral Park under the St. John's bridge to catching a movie at the local theater or attending one of the many delicious restaurants and food carts in the area.
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I have been living in St. Johns for 3 years. It is a wonderful part of town and includes everything you need! It is getting expensive though, and I'm sure I will be priced out pretty soon!
I love this neighborhood. A short drive to downtown Portland and yet St Johns feels like a small and close knit community. Easy access to food carts, local businesses, farmers market and more.
St. John's is a beautiful small town within the city. That being said, there are a few negatives that must be said up front: there is a HUGE homelessness/crime/drug problem here and throughout Portland. I'm baffled by how blatant the issues are but not nearly enough is being done. The home values/real estate market here is skyrocketing but it feels like a bubble waiting to burst. If it's not a bubble bursting, it's an influx of non-Oregonians coming from costlier cities changing the entire vibe here. Aside from all THAT, it's awesome here. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, descent food here and there, tons of parks and lots of outdoorsy types :-)
Cute little neighborhood at the very edge of Portland with a distinct small-town vibe. This neighborhood has it all, and is on the rise!
St. Johns is a sweet neighborhood spot with a diverse cast of characters. Like many neighborhoods on the fringes of Portland though, it is quickly becoming more and more developed. This can be great if you're looking for a variety in restaurants, bars, and kitchy coffee shops, but also challenging if you are on a budget for your apartment hunt. Some residents with lower incomes are being pushed out. This being said, the main strip is small, about a five block radius, and locals are friendly and welcoming.